Rose Smith, Editor

September 21, 2020

 Photo Source: PxHere

    For many young parents, leaving their children with a family member so they can get out of the house to have dinner, run errands, or simply get away for a while comes as welcome support.  For other young parents without family or a trusted frie...

September 8, 2020

Photo Source: Max Pixel

     Toys and childhood go hand in hand and amazingly that has held true far back into ancient times.  An article published in the Siberian Times, titled “Magical New 4,500 Year Old Finds Add to 'Oldest Toy Collection in...

August 24, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr

    Computers continue their march of triumph over humans in increasingly diverse areas of mastery.  From chess to GO to Jeopardy, machines driven by artificial intelligence have achieved stunning wins over human masters in many fields. The drive co...

August 10, 2020

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Last week on August 4, 2020, the city of Beirut, Lebanon, suffered a tragic, massive explosion at its seaport, killing hundreds, wounding thousands, and rendering hundreds of thousands homeless. (  The explosion resulted from...

July 27, 2020

 Pictured Above: Mantis Shrimp

Photo Source: Flickr

     Human eyes do remarkable things, but the eyes of other animals show us that there is much more to see of the world than we can with our own.  Eyes form remarkable sensory organs that take in electromagnetic radiati...

July 14, 2020

Pictured Above: Pre-launch rendition of the Phoenix Mars Probe

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

     December 1972 marked the last time that NASA put an astronaut on the Moon. Following decades of human-crewed flights to the International Space Station in low earth orbit,...

July 1, 2020

Photo Source: Pexels

   Sitcoms thrive on the joys and frustrations of human interaction, including the complex relationships between two couples.  Famous TV couples' relationships such as Lucy & Ricky and Fred & Ethel on the I Love Lucy Show, Doug & Carri...

June 16, 2020

Photo Source: PxHere

      Recently, on vinyl, I heard a legendary album from 1976 titled Mother Earth's Plantasia: Warm Earth Music for Plants and the People Who Love Them by Mort Garson.  In this '70s classic, Garson, with the help of a Moog synthesizer, sha...

June 1, 2020

Photo Source: Pikrepo

     Fake people and stories threaten to infiltrate social media and challenge the nature of truth in what we see and read online and on television.  Advances in machine learning continue to make the generation of believable fakes easier and more c...

May 18, 2020

Photo Source: Flickr

        Anyone with cooking experience knows the pleasure of working with a good, sharp knife for food preparation.  With the proper knife, slicing vegetables, cutting up a chicken, or cleaning a fish goes smoothly, much more smoothly with a sharp e...

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