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Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Sprite of Evolution by Ken Wilber

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     First, if you have not read A Brief History of Everything click on that thumbnail as this is not a book you should go into unprepared.  If you have already read A Brief History of Everything then you most definitely will want to read this book.  One of the best side effects of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality is that you really will never see history, humanity, art, and science the same way again.  Instead, you will be seeing your world and all of its contents and ideas as part of an awesome spiral of evolution.  It is strikingly readable and Ken Wilber’s voice blends humor and liveliness into his very scholarly work.  It is a big door stopper of a book; but sometimes it’s a great thing to be ambitious…try it!

Malady: Shallowness

Desire: Depth

Category: Non-fiction, Philosophy, Cosmology

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