Listed below Newest to Oldest: For anyone with a little bit of ocd or who runs more to the mathy side of thinking, this is the site you have yearned for. It is the government's official US time. It not only covers time zones but also where the sun is over the globe. Why not use your phone? Well, we checked; our phone said 1:56 while the site said 1:56:15. Some people want to know exactly what time it is.

The Shambhala Book's website is a killer place to cruise around. Besides checking out all of their amazing Buddhist/ spiritual/ philosophical books they also have a lot of other great content from videos, articles, and appearance announcements from their amazing group of authors. It really is a great central location online for anyone interested in Buddhist studies. is a hilarious source for satirical news. You can watch and read amazing headlines such as "Wiffle Ball Bat Left Outside in Dirt Until Next Summer" and "Wild-Eyed Sear CEO Convinced These Are The Flannel Pajama Pants That Will Turn Everything Around." is a cool little site that allows you to mix soothing ambient noises (ie rain, fire, white noise from a tv). It's cool to play when trying to focus, fall asleep, or fool around with what a room full of birds sounds like with wind layered on top of it. is a great source for anime news, commentary, and giveaways. It's a great place for those who want to keep up with the newest updates on your favorite anime or learn a history or culture lesson on past and present trends within the medium. is a great blog by Talking Heads' frontman David Byrne. It's weird. It's cool. It's deep.

The is an awesome website devoted to science, technology, and big, complex thinking., or The Motley Fool, is a great go-to site for stock investment advice and news. The site also includes advice on personal finance, retirement, and how to start investing. is an exceptional place to keep up with pop culture news and internet culture if you do not have the time to sift through the exponentially growing amount of content.

The (U.S. Small Business Administration) is a government website devoted to starting and growing your own business. It has loads of important information regarding everything from starting a S Corporation to loans and grants. is a great blog/newsletter by CNBC's commentator and host of "Mad Money" Jim Cramer. It's loaded with great up to date information and commentary on all things money.