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Watercress beautiful, versatile, delicious, AND a superfood. Watercress is considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It is packed with vitamins and minerals. It tastes great in salads, soups, and as a side to any grilled meat. Plus, it makes any dish super classy. (Photo Source: Flickr)

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a great tablet for reading digital books and comics. With a great battery life and high definition graphics, this reading tablet is perfect for any bookworm. You can buy it on Amazon here. (Photo Source: Amazon)

The White Barn Eucalyptus Mint scented candle from Bath and Body Works is simply an awesomely clean-smelling scented candle. It instantly makes any room smell clean. You can find it here. (Photo Source: Bath and Body Works)

Are you going to be on the go? Are you afraid of your phone battery dying? The Anker PowerCore charger is an amazing and portable phone charges that can fit right into your bag or pocket. Perfect for extended outings. You can buy the product here. (Photo Source: Anker)

The Beats Pill is a powerful and portable speaker that allows you to take your music where you want to by connecting your phone or laptop via bluetooth. You can find the product here: (Photo Source: Beats by Dre) 

Black truffle salt 5% by Selezione Tartufi, product of Italy. This is special, miracle dust that makes everything taste fancy and delicious, It will make your light butter, microwave popcorn almost as good as full-calorie, movie butter, microwave popcorn. It's killer on any kind of meat, vegetable, or starch. Sometimes they have it at Whole Foods supermarkets, but you can also order it on (Photo Source: Amazon)

The Simply Fit Board is actually awesome. It's small, cheap, and delivers a killer workout even in the tiniest room. You can find them at Walmart, but you can also order it at (Photo Source: Amazon)

A common rant by Twenty-two Twenty-eight's founder, Jennifer Barnick, is that she will not work with a pen that offends. The Uni Ball Signo Micro 207 is one of her favorites. It can be found at Staples or online at