Video Games

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When you first start playing Panda Pop you will be worried it is for babies. However, as it progresses it becomes both difficult to play and difficult to stop playing. You can find it on the app store here.

League of Legends is an awesome free-to-play strategy game. Work with 4 other players to siege and attack the opposing team and take over their base. With lots of characters to choose from and a constantly changing and updating game, it’s hard to put this game down. It is available to download for both PC and Mac. 

Skullgirls is an engaging art-deco and anime-inspired fighting game, Play as a multitude of characters with converging storylines in this easy to learn hard to master fighting games. You can download it on Mac or PC here.

OneShot is a puzzle action/adventure game that interacts with you as a player in an entirely new way. The game creates real puzzles for you as you help guide Nico to restore the store the Sun to the Tower. You can download it for PC here.

Crypt of the Necrodancer applies a stunning combination of dungeon fighting, rhythm games, and pumping electronic music to provide an addictively awesome experience. The game truly is to-die-for. You can download it for both Mac and PC on Steam here.

Ellipsis is a deceptively enjoyable game in which you are in charge of collecting dots, all the while avoiding neon-colored moving obstacles. It's easy to learn and hard to master, but the satisfaction of getting through a level is priceless. Ellipsis can be played on both Mac and PC and can be bought on Steam here.