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Vikings: The show depicts the early expansion of Norse influence in Britain, France and the Mediterranean with fierce men and women battling for land, opportunity and power when the great nations of Europe were not yet formed. You can find it on Hulu here.

LA to Vegas is a fun comedy show that follows the budget “Jackpot” airlines on their route between Los Angeles to Las Vegas. This show perfectly tows the comedy line where even darker matter can still be greeted with some laughs. LA to Vegas is currently airing on FOX and is available for streaming on the FOX platform. You can find the show page here.

Portlandia is a hilarious satire sketch comedy with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein surrounding the hipster-filled town of Portland. You can find the show page here on

Schitt's Creek is an awesome way to see long-running comedy legends Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Chris Elliott in this great mix of laugh-out-loud and subtle deadpan comedy. You can find the Netflix show page here.

Black Mirror is a dark science fiction anthology series that introduces a different story with themes of technology. It certainly is as its title denotes; Black Mirror serves as a warning, a warning of the dangers allowing technology to control our lives. Black Mirror is currently streaming on Netflix.You can find the show site here.

My 600 lb. Life is an incredible documentary series on the learning channel following extremely obese people embarking on a one year journey of total life transformation. It incredibly moving and inspirational. Here is the show's official website:

Space Dandy is an amazing anime that can be enjoyed whether you are a well-worn anime fan or haven't watched a single series. It is an episodic, fantastical action-adventure comedy that will have you at the first episode. While it was airing on Adult Swim, you can also find it streaming on .

The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. This CNBC prime time show is a highly entertaining reality show that follows a failing company and its star's, Marcus Lemonis, attempt to get the failing company back on its feet. The punchline is often that people can be their own worst enemy when it comes to success. You don't have to love business to enjoy this show. You can find the official site here.