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LibriVox is a killer one stop location on YouTube to find tons of free books on tape. They are all pretty old as all of the books are now public domain. However, if you love classic literature, history, and philosophy you will have a ball.

Super Eyepatch Wolf is a media youtuber that covers anime, manga, and western television in a measured, researched, and insightful manner. He covers recommendation videos, retrospects, and even the decline of the Simpsons TV show.

London Real is a cool youtube channel that does live interviews with a lot of interesting people. It's a great place to find your next inspiration. 

Ahoy is a youtube channel creates features on aspects of the history of technology, including graphics, video game history, and piracy. These informative videos mix digital illustration and real footage in an engaging way while still letting you walk away having learned something new about technological history.

Alan Watts was an English philosopher who was best known for popularizing Eastern philosophy in the West. He was a wild individualist that truly deserves to be checked out. It's best to just punch in Alan Watts on the youtube search bar and let the adventure begin.

Casey Neistat is a youtuber extraordinaire from his vlogs to his amazing short films. His youtube channel is one of the most entertaining and inspirational rabbit holes you'll ever fall in.

Quinton Reviews is an up and coming commentary Youtube channel that reviews everything from nostalgic properties to current events within the youtube community. If you have some time to burn, Quinton Reviews provides sensible centrist commentary that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Rebeltaxi is a youtuber that focuses on Western animation both nostalgic and recent. He provides great insight and commentary on cartoons you may know and learn a bit about cartoons you may not know.