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Vremya & Steklo is a great Ukrainian pop duo. This single, "Troll," was number one in December 2017 in Ukraine, Belarus, and parts of Russia and Latvia. The video is just amazing, and the song itself warrants more than just one listen. Their other tracks also warrant a listen.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Riccardo Muti- Beethoven's 9th

I love the 9th and have listened to many versions. This stands as one of my favorite recordings.  I can't believe Chicago Symphony Orchestra put this up on YouTube, making it free for anyone to listen to. Thanks CSO!

George Russell (1923-2009) was an amazing American jazz pianist and composer. His compositions were uniquely amazing. You can find a lot of recordings of his on Youtube.

Joywave is an upstate New York-based alternative rock band that is always a treat to listen to. With its wide range of emotional tones and beats that stay in your head long after you listen to them, I strongly recommend checking them out.

Al Hirt(Anything he's recorded albums/CDs) Al "He's the King" Hirt (1922-1999) was a brilliant American trumpeter and band leader. Youtube has a lot of great recordings of his, and it's a great place to discover him.

Courtney Barnett is an Australian alternative rock singer-songwriter. Her wordy music and brilliant guitar work make for both amazing album listen-throughs or just listening to one-off singles. You can see her website here.

James Vincent McMorrow is an amazing Irish singer-songwriter. His work is part alternative rock, part folk, and part rhythm and blues. You can check out his website here.

Metric is a terrific Canadian alternative rock band. Their diversity in sound profiles and exceptionally-written songs make for an adventure to listen to no matter what album you start out with. You can find their band page here.