Jennifer Barnick

            Being a human being in this vast universe can be terribly difficult.  We have loads of reason piled on top of a knot of emotions stuck on a thick stem of sexy killer instincts.  We do not have one brain rather three distinct brains that developed during evolutionary phases.  To make matters more complicated the world and society we live in has been created over millennia by these very same three-headed great apes: human beings.

            Today we are facing an enormous evolutionary leap, and this time we do not have time to wait around for millions of years to develop a fourth brain that can manage this new technological world. Robotics, artificial intelligence, mass connectivity, nano technology, and bioengineering are just a few examples of what is reframing nearly every aspect of our lives. There have been early winners and losers with this new technological era.  Automation has taken and will continue to take thousands of jobs (from both blue and white collar industries). New drug therapies for cancer are changing what it means to be diagnosed.  

            I thought the best thing was to sift through and pool a whole bunch of brains in an effort to help us all not only survive this new era but thrive in this technological world.  Books are one of the best ways to access and use another person’s mind.  Videos and podcasts are also great ways to link up with brilliant, helping brains.  Twenty-two Twenty-eight was created to be a landing for all humans that need a fourth brain to help them find healing, happiness, understanding, and (well I hope) a little fun too.



Jennifer Barnick, Founder



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