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In this digital age, our world has become oversaturated with content. One only has a finite amount of time in their day to mine out the very best gems from the internet. Of course, there are those Game of Thrones-type programs where something is highly recommendable, but everyone, their cousin, and their pet dog has already heard of it or is already recommending it to you. I’m sure everyone has had that moment when they’ve been listening to the same 3-4 bands or 9-10 songs on repeat for the past month or so (instead of perhaps exploring and getting into someone like James Vincent McMorrow).

Introducing, Curation from Twenty-two Twenty-eight. Curation is a monthly updated site feature that introduces great content you may have missed or passed by. Looking for a cool new subreddit to subscribe to or a new youtube channel to check out? Curation has got you covered (and then some). However, this shouldn’t be just about us. We as a Twenty-two Twenty-eight community would be able to create a larger, better, curation page than what we could accomplish alone. We invite you to submit your favorite things and programs to us at Twenty-two Twenty-eight. At the beginning of each month, we’ll update Curation to include both ours and community picks. Do you have a super cool underground band nobody’s heard of? Let us know! Know person that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for what they do and is worth following (someone like Doug Bloodworth)? Tell us about it! As a community of Twenty-two Twenty-eighters, we can sift through the hoarder house worth of content in this digital age and create something wondrous.

You can find the curation page above in the menu, or you can find it by clicking on this link. If you would like to submit something for Curation, you can use the contact form here. Be sure to include the curated thing/place/program, what it is (show, thing, person, etc.), your name (optional), and why you love it. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with as a community!