English Grunge-Punk Band Memory Boy

October 26, 2018


Memory Boy is an awesomely cool punk rock band to check out. My personal favorite, I.D.W., is a song to definitely get your head banging. These are some great songs to bring you back from the dead on a Friday night.


-Rose Smith, Blog Editor



Memory boy are a 4 piece 3 chord fuzzy punk image rock band who care more about the look rather than the music which is evident by our style. 

Hailing from Essex we've been making noise since 2017 as a 3 piece and we've just recently brought in a new addition to complete the look.


-Memory Boy


Below is a sampling of their music videos below (You can like and share his videos by clicking or tapping the youtube logo on the video, which will take you to the video on youtube):







If you are interested in learning more about Memory Boy, you can check out their Bandcamp and other social links below:


Bandcamp: https://memory-boy.bandcamp.com/album/idiot-box

Facebook: www.facebook.com/memoryboyofficial

Twitter: @memoryboyhq 

Instagram: memoryboyofficial



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