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7 Gifts for Mom That Show You Care

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1. An Antioxidant-Packed Gift Bag

In a colorful gift bag, put in a box of green tea, a bar of %70 dark chocolate, and a container of fresh blueberries. Green tea, dark chocolate, and blueberries are all mega packed with antioxidants and other compounds that have been shown to help your body fight disease such as cancer and help keep your heart healthy. All three of these items are considered health powerhouses…and they all happen to be fragrant and delicious!

2. The Gift of Laughter

Believe it or not, laughter is incredibly good for you. It makes us happy, reduces our stress, but it is also good for our immune system and our hearts. There is even a yoga practice called laughter yoga. It began in India, but is now practiced all over the world. Put together in a gift bag a funny DVD, a funny book, and a daily calendar with a funny joke for each day. Your mom will be a lot healthier and happier.

3. Tranquil Mommy Time

In a gift bag place a journal, a pretty pen, and a scented candle made with real essential oils. Aromatherapy has been proven to help people relax and, in some studies, it has been suggested to even aid with depression and anxiety. Journaling has also been proven to help with stress and coping with problems in our lives. Give your mom the gift of de-stressing and giving herself a little heavenly-scented time for herself.

4. The Gift of Hydration

Give your mom the gift of hydration. In a gift bag put in a water pitcher with a filter so she can always have fresh, tasty water on hand, and also place in the gift bag a glass water bottle so she can have water on the go. Drinking enough water is crucial for one’s health—especially your kidneys and skin. Your mom will love how her skin glows with this gift!

5. Easy Fitness (without needing much space)

Too often busy moms think they do not the time, space, or energy to exercise. However, a little can go a long way when it comes to fitness. Strength and flexibility are increasingly showing in studies to be major aids in staying healthy as we age. Weight lifting increases bone density, which is crucial for moms as women are more vulnerable to osteoporosis. Eight-pound weights are a good start. A great gift is a pair of eight-pound weights, a yoga mat, and a little YouTube searching. Wrap the weights and mat together, then text your mom a YouTube link to an age/ fitness level appropriate free-weight routine and a great stretching routine. Let’s keep mom’s bones strong!

6. Year-Round Mother’s Day

It goes without saying the importance of showing how much you love your mom and how beneficial being loved is for not only one’s sense of well-being but also our physical health. Sometimes, though we can get busy and are not quite able to let the people, we care most about know that we love them and are thinking of them. This year when you go to get a Mother’s Day card buy 12. Give her one for Mother’s Day and then each month after that mail your mom a Mother’s Day card. She will never forget that gift.

7. The Gift of Giving

Do you have a mom that has it all? Or a mom that wants to save the world? Or a mom that is very picky and generally only likes the things she picks out herself? The gift of giving might be your best bet. Being generous has been shown scientifically to affect our brains. Giving really does physically make us happier. It has also been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Heifer International is an amazing organization where people can purchase a goat or other livestock animal, a water pump, or basic necessities for a family in need. One goat can bring life-changing aid to a struggling family. (Note: you do not have to buy the whole animal! You can purchase shares for $20 dollars.) They have a terrific way to give it as a gift. You can purchase a gift card for your mom online. The gift card can either be printed if you want to tuck it in a card or can be emailed. The email option is great if you live far away and are worried about getting your gift to her on time! Your mom can then use her gift card to shop on their site and purchase an animal, blanket, or any other crucial item for a family in dire need. Both you and your mom will feel the joy and benefit of giving.

If you are interested, you can find Heifer International's site here.

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