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Throwback Thursday: "Human Behavior" by Björk


Photo Source: Flickr

The song “Human Behavior” was the first release from Björk’s premier solo album Debut (which now enjoys nearly cult status). Debut was released on July 5th, 1993 with the single “Human Behavior” coming out June of the same year. (billboard.com) “The song—as well as Gondry’s video—reveals the relationship between humans and animals from the animal point of view. As Björk […] would tell Rolling Stone in the magazine’s September 1993 issue, ‘The animals are definitely supposed to win in the end.’” (nightlight.com) The song was a massive indie hit. It was the first time her music made the UK the top forty list, peaking at #36. It also made it to #2 on both the US Billboard charts for Modern and Dance music. The video was a critical hit and was nominated for a Grammy and multiple MTV video awards.