Selected Visual Art by Tracy Whiteside

August 28, 2020

Currently, I am exploring what makes us human. Not our biology but our mind.  I am primarily interested in what we choose to hide from the world and how we do it.  In particular, I am interested in females---our experiences, emotions, hopes, and fears that make us who we are.    Our dark hidey holes where we stuff the bad things. This group is about luck.  Bad luck.  And how we sometimes tempt it.

—Tracy Whiteside


Ladder to Success

Digitally Manipulated Photograph





Umbrella Ella   

Digitally Manipulated Photograph  





Murder of Crows 

Digitally Manipulated Photograph






Hard Knock Life

Digitally Manipulated Photograph





Tracy Whiteside is an internationally published Chicago-area photographer specializing in creative images for humans.  Her work can be seen in over 50 different publications in just the last year.  A photographer for over 15 years, Tracy works in many genres.  You can enjoy her irrational mixed bag of images on Instagram @whitesidetracy 


If you are interested in learning more about Tracy Whiteside, you can find her website here and her portfolio site here.


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