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The Content Trap: A Strategist's Guide to Digital Change by Bharat Anand

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      If you are in school and plan on working sometime in the future; if you are out of school and working somewhere; if you are working somewhere and want to start your own business; if you own your own business; if you are alive in 2017 and need to buy food and stuff, then you really should read this book.  Granted, there are moments where the author oversteps and enters not-quite-correct-land, most of the time he is very insightful regarding the nature of monetized reality as it exists today.  Plus, for being a fancy Harvard School of Business guy he totally manages to write without sounding like a super lame weenie…he will not annoy the crap out of you…promise!

Malady: Business Failure

Desire: Business Success

Category: Non-fiction, Business & Money, Education & Teaching, Industries, Media & Communications

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