• Jennifer Barnick

Calling All Astronauts


Welcome to Twenty-two Twenty-eight’s blog! May this always be a happy and safe place for everybody to land, refresh, and refuel. Space travel (both of the interior and exterior type) is super fun but exhausting too. It is our hope here at Twenty-two Twenty-eight that our blog will be a valuable content source for astronauts of all types from entrepreneurs, to scientific researchers, to high school teachers, and to those very brave mom and dad astronauts. Maybe you are just considering becoming an astronaut, or you have been already to Jupiter and back—we like to think our blog will be a great place to work on your killer outer space moves. Astronauts are special people. They take risks both physically and intellectually so that the rest of humanity has hopeful dreams. They work hard and avail themselves to the very best of technique and information. Sometimes though astronauts get overwhelmed. Curation is a great place to check out if you need some extra help with your mission, some extra courage to commit to being an astronaut, or some good old extra strength escapism to get through those long flights.

To all who are reading this thinking "I am not an astronaut. I like to live with my feet on the ground.", You are Welcome—especially welcome. Remember astronauts need a world to return to, and it is the ground dwellers who are actually holding down the fort at home while those wondrous astronauts give us cause to dream. Ground dwellers are incredibly important people to support. An astronaut will not make sure your town’s municipal sewer system is on point.

Lastly, there is one other group I welcome heartily and that is our blessed fools and saints. Please take time to comment on the blog posts, and even perhaps send book ideas as both astronauts and ground dwellers need all the wisdom they can get.

Welcome to Twenty-two Twenty-eight!