• Alex Gemetti

Sophie: An Original Movie by Alex Gemetti


Alex Gemetti

I am a 20 year old film student in the Academy of Art University. I am working to get my BFA in directing, but I write and edit as well. “Sophie” was a group collaboration between a few classmates and myself. A friend of mine, Ien Tapia, wrote “Sophie,” and he was wonderful enough to let me direct it. When reading “Sophie," it reminded me of the time my family went through a divorce and how it can really be hard on the kids. With this film, we wanted it to be a message to kids going through this in that no matter what happens, it is going to be okay. The falling apart of Sophie throughout the film is symbolic of the toll that the divorce is taking on Jonny mentally, even though he is in his teens.

This was my debut short film as a director, and this same semester, I got to write and produce 2 more short films and do set design on all three. Most of the stuff in Jonny's room is actually a lot of my own things from my apartment, so it’s funny to see all of my belongings in a short film. I am so grateful to Ien for working with me on this short film and to Rob Alan Martin for being my mentor during “Sophie.”