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David Icke and His Reptilian Underworld

Reptilian Eye

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There is a community in YouTube that I have been following for nearly a decade, and that is the community of conspiracy theorists that believe the world is being run by a small group of people loosely called the Illuminati who are in turn being mind-controlled by a reptilian alien race. I seriously could watch for hours the videos outlining all the various signs and proofs of an aristocratic-banking-royal-political-corporate cabal who are being completely controlled by humanoids that have reptilian features. Additionally, many of the conspiracy theorists—especially David Icke—believe that most of the hardcore, inner-circle Illuminati are in fact, hybrid beings who are part reptilian and part human. The Queen of England, President Obama, and Hilary Clinton are often depicted as shapeshifting reptilians that can go between looking human and reptilian at will. Is this a joke? Am I kidding? No. In fact, it’s a large, sincere group. Surely, many people are like me who vicariously love watching these videos on YouTube. However, what actually makes them so amazing is their total sincerity.

David Icke

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Meet David Icke. He is one of the most public of the conspiracy theorists and has the largest following. When you watch him either speaking live from his tiny little office in his tiny little apartment in the Isle of Wight, UK or doing an interview, it is clear he would pass every lie detector you gave him. David Icke is not making this up—David Icke is absolutely sincere when he says the world is being run by a reptilian alien race. In fact, sadly, part of the reason he was branded an anti-Semitist is that outsiders to the reptilian/ Illuminati/ conspiracy community could not believe that David Icke et al. genuinely meant reptilian aliens. Instead, they claimed he was using the term ‘reptilian aliens’ as a kind of codeword for Jews. They even pulled out old posters and other forms of Nazi, anti-Jewish propaganda depicting the Jews as evil and inhuman. However, the truth is David Icke and the conspiracy community are not using reptilian alien race as a kind of metaphor. They literally believe there is an alien race called the reptilians. Though David has ardently said repeatedly that he is not anti-Semitic, the label remains on his Wikipedia page. He argues that the reptilians are calling him that to prevent him from being able to ‘out’ the real rulers of Earth.

David Icke was a professional soccer player turned sportscaster in the UK. After he had a massive psychic event, he proclaimed on live television in the UK that he was the son of God and that the world was about to end. He instantly became a national laughing stock. He would later claim in a London Real interview that becoming a laughing stock was the best thing that ever happened because he then was fully freed from caring what others thought about him. With the freedom of having nothing to lose professionally and personally, he came to realize that the truth regarding power and the world was that an evil alien race was running the world and that the reptilians were using a group of very powerful human-alien hybrids such as the Queen of England and the Rothchild’s banking family.

Besides making videos, David is also a prolific author and has sold millions of books. He recently has put out a new book Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told and can be seen all over YouTube interviewing and discussing his new book. The funny thing is that he is getting some pretty mainstream interviews, and some of his ideas are not exactly getting kicked out of bed—especially his ideas about banking and government corruption and the tyranny of feeling powerless. However, nothing, not videos on YouTube, not books, come close to one of his live events. His live events are what truly sets David Icke apart from any of this conspiracy brethren. I have not attended a live event, however, if the opportunity ever arises, I most definitely will, as they seem fascinating. First off, understand that the majority of the people who attend do not see it at as a joke. There is a sincerity in the conspiracy world that I think would be shocking for the uninitiated. Secondly, these are not hotel banquet-room affairs. David Icke fills stadiums. Lastly, they are marathons. His live events where he lays out his entire case with what he believes as proofs are usually around ten hours long. Note—the people remain glued to their seats and take in all ten hours of slides and videos along with ardent and often color commentary by David.

While I have been following the reptilian/ Illuminati/ conspiracy community on Youtube for many years, in preparation for this essay I watched hours of video and interviews on Youtube of David. Again, I still stand that not only is he sincere regarding his belief that we are being controlled by an evil alien race but also in his quest to stop them. This alien race is extremely evil, and so is the Illuminati they use as human puppets. David and the community at large speak of Satanic ritual killings, pedophilia, and other horrific acts all meant to serve and appease the reptilians. Part of the agenda is to feed off negative energy—consequently, the reptilians’ goal is to bring humanity down to a very dark, low energy level. Fear and hatred are the two of the greatest low energy creators—hence, the need to keep the world a place of fear and hatred.

I suppose anything is possible. There might be various alien races on earth. I do not know. I have a hard time with many conspiracy theories because I think outcomes rarely are the fruit of plans—that the world is part chaos. Who knows. What I do see in this community is a large population of people that feel powerless, that view power as evil and corrupt, and that is trying to make sense of the social and political upheavals that surround them. With all of that said, if you have an inner sociologist in you (like I do), or if you suspect there might be something that rings true regarding an evil alien race that is plotting to enslave humanity, I heartily encourage you to go to YouTube and simply type: David Icke. You will not regret it.

Jennifer Barnick

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