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ALL HAIL HYENA’s New Record on Preorder

All Hail Hyena

Photo Source: Trust-a-Fox Photography, Manchester

I was given the pleasure of listening to ALL HAIL HYENA’s newest album “Cubs in the Wild” in advance through digital download in advance. ALL HAIL HYENA is a British alternative rock band. We featured them awhile back along with the solo work of Jay Stansfield, ALL HAIL HYENA’s singer and guitarist. Before, I referred to ALL HAIL HYENA’s as something great to rock to on a Friday or Saturday night, and my stance is no different. “Cubs in the Wild” provides an amazingly crisp track list that will definitely require more than one listen.

Where “Cubs in the Wild” shines the most is in its instrumental composition. It contains an amazing balance between clean instrumentation and that certain edge that separates alternative rock from the rest of its genre. I tried to keep a list of my stand-out favorite songs while trying to review this album, and I found that I put down nearly every single one of them. My personal top favorites were definitely “Push tha Button,” “Annuva Runaway,” and “Stranger’s Song.” Each of these tracks feel like they were meant to be on the same album while still distinguishing between each other.

At this time, the full album “Cubs in the Wild” is not publicly released for purchase yet. The only way that you can get a chance to listen to this awesome album is through pre-ordering a limited edition vinyl copy through Diggers Factory. There will be only 100 sold, so don’t miss out on purchasing this album. If the band does not reach its goal of 100 albums pre-ordered, the album won’t print for anyone, and you’ll have to wait for a digital download, which will not be publicly released for some time. The pre-order price is 14£ ($18.64 for United States), and you will also receive a digital download of the album once it hits its preorder goal. Definitely act now, because there is only 23 days left before the pre-order window ends. You definitely do not want to miss this music experience.

There are currently only two songs available to publicly listen to. If I haven’t convinced you yet, take a listen to both of them below:

Stranger's Song:

Doing Yr Dole Wrong

You can pre-order your limited edition copy of "Cubs in the Wild" here.

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You can check out ALL HAIL HYENA's music on bandcamp here or follow them through these social media links:

Website: here

Facebook: allhailhyena

Instagram: @allhailhyena