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Death and the Psychic

Psychic Sign

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Several years ago, I wrote a column for a large publisher, one who had released two of my nonfiction books on hauntings. They are one of the leaders in the Body, Mind, Spirit genre, and this column was about psychics predicting death. Years later, I’m still answering emails from frightened seekers hoping to remove the doom-cloud hanging over their heads.

I’ve done thousands of private readings for people, as well as having worked for the major psychic hotline on the West coast. Over the years, I can’t tell you the number of times someone has come to me in terror, seeking to refute a death prediction by a “psychic”.

It turns out that many unwitting souls go to get a psychic reading on a lark, usually hoping to hear about their love life, and instead learn that they, or their loved ones, are not long for this world.

One poor woman was told her four year old would drown, and since her family often vacationed in a cabin at a lake, she lived in terror of this prediction. Another man was told he would die “when religion entered his life”. So, he wouldn’t let his wife enroll their child in a Catholic school. Some of these predictions had even happened years earlier, and they still had not come true.

If you’ve been a victim of a parlor psychic, I’m here to calm your fears. It is very difficult to see death coming for a person. It’s actually considered bad form for a psychic to predict death—even if the psychic suspects it.

First and foremost, the universe being what it is, all things are subject to change. And before you think this is simply an easy out, it really does work that way. Free will is at play in all situations, and it is the ultimate decider.

That being said, there are certain indicators of trouble, close calls, or dangerous behaviors that if not changed, could lead to a worse prognosis.

In Tarot layouts, certain groups of cards, particularly in the near future (the far right card) or distant future positions (the top card, above all the cards) within a spread like the Celtic Cross, (a common and general life reading layout) may show rough times ahead. However, it usually takes at least three of those cards, falling in a very specific order, to indicate the type of severe outcome a death would display.

If a reader turns up The Devil card (often pointing to addiction, to a substance or a person), The Tower, (unavoidable catastrophe), Ten of Swords (destruction), and perhaps the Death card (which stands for the dying away of the old to make way for the new, or change, rather than actual death), something big is obviously going on in the Querent’s life.

If certain lines on the palm can also corroborate this, one might be able to warn the seeker from which direction the devastation will most likely appear.

Palm Diagram

(Palm diagram for reference)

Does the life line or head line cut off abruptly? This might mean an accident. If the head line cuts off, it can mean injury to the head, or stroke. Advise them to wear seatbelts and motorcycle helmets, and check their blood pressure.

On a female, does the life line cross too far past the midline, or Fate line, into the Mount of Luna? (the outside edge of the palm) This means ovarian or breast cancer runs in her family genetics. Advise the Querent to get their mammograms and Pap tests.

Is there a steeply diving head line, all the way into the Luna mount, at the outside edge of the palm, far down below the little finger just above the wrist? This indicates a risk of suicide, or possible bipolar/severe mood swing issues. Advise them to talk about their problems to others or a counselor, and mention there is no shame in taking medications to even out the severe effects caused by these type illnesses.

Even so, no one can, or should, predict death. Only the amateurs do it.

I have done my best to look into these Querents’ individual cases, hoping to assuage their fears. But first, I tell them how I was read by a “psychic” in my early twenties, and told I would die at age thirty-six, twelve years in the future. I explain how I lived my thirty-sixth year in abject terror, waiting for the proverbial ax to fall.

And it didn’t.

Because in a nutshell, free will changes everything; you may turn left instead of right, on a whim. You may start or quit smoking when you never planned to. You may stop to smell the roses, and miss getting hit by that bus.

And that, my friends, is how it really works.

Debra Robinson an author and former California Psychics employee, with decades of experience doing readings for professional ghost tour companies as well as privately. She also writes fiction and has a total of eight books released by various publishers, including Severed Press, Digital Fiction Publishing, Llewellyn Worldwide, and The History Press. She has two nonfiction books on hauntings released by Llewellyn Worldwide, and one with The History Press. Robinson has several short stories out and some short stories soon to be released, with a few shortlisted for possible inclusion in upcoming anthologies.

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