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The Politics of Candy Rationing and Trading

Candy Corn

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(Editor's Note: This post was originally published on October 30th, 2018)

As Halloween gets closer, horror and parties may be on the mind of some, but Halloween is never complete without candy. While I personally am too old to hit the streets in costume and Trick or Treat, I do remember the politics and ways of distributing candy throughout the months. There are a lot of moving parts to it, including favored candies, overall quantity, and eating it responsibly over the course of months without getting rid of your favorites within the first week.

Now, I am an only child, so my experience with candy politics were not that advanced in regard to trading. My parents did take their own personal taxes, but they were pretty darn light on the taxing (I’ve heard much worse from my other friends). A couple Resees or Kit Kats leaving the pile? Absolutely required for the sake of household order and diplomacy. Food (let alone candy) politics can be serious business, and, well, they did take me out to rollick in costume among the others to scour the neighborhood for strangers’ candy (Halloween is weird). It would only be fair to take some from the massive stack.

The next real question would be how to ration out the candies from then on. When I was in elementary and middle school, the landscape was different, as my parents had some rule over the number of candies per day, presumably not trusting the self-control of a candy-hyped eight-year-old (where would anyone get that idea?). In high school, I was still supposed to keep the candy on top of the fridge, but I wasn’t limited to the two candy-per-day limit that closely. It was mostly on me to not devour my whole stash in a matter of days (I was solidly so-so at the self-control part). Between the two candy-scapes the biggest consideration for me was to not eat all of the premium candies first (Reese’s, Kit Kats, and Snickers (my premiums, though everyone has their favorites)) while still being able to enjoy them in a timely manner. For me, I would limit myself to 2-3 candies per day, with one being one of the premiums. Depending on my willpower, this rule would disintegrate at times, but overall, this would be my personal candy philosophy.

Now, you may be wondering “All of this thought into candy? Really?” To which I would reply, “Why, of course.” Aside from those few who really don’t consider all this (in which I both admire and fear you ), while things might not go as in-detail or thought-through, I’m sure some of you have taken at least some of these mental steps when it comes to either trading or rationing out your edible treasure. That’s part of the fun of Halloween. Below is a great youtube video giving a low-down on candy trading. It’s supposed to be all in good fun, and seeing this sort of hyper-analytical breakdown was a treat to watch. Happy Halloween, everyone.

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