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Escape From the Heat and Into Some Cartoons!

This post is dedicated in loving memory to Dotti Thomas, who passed away this Saturday. Dotti, Bill Thomas's mother, was in charge of sending batches of cartoons to publications like us. She always added a personal touch to every submission, whether it was updating us on her family or what show she was currently watching, and it was always such a pleasure to read any email she sent our way. She always had a way of brightening our inbox, and she will be dearly missed by us at Twenty-two Twenty-eight. We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Bill and his family at this time and thank them for all of their support over the years.

Bill Thomas is the founder of the cartoon business Thomastoons. He went to school for graphic design at Edinboro University. He also does Indie films and commercials. He's also a reformed class clown who sublimates his buffoonish behavior by creating cartoons.


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