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Singer-Songwriter Kama Vardi

Kama Vardi

Photo Source: Push Power Promo

Kama Vardi is an absolute dream to listen to. Her instrumentation and lyricism capture a sort of quirkiness that asks for more than just one listen. I strongly recommend listening to her music when you’re looking to daydream.

—Rose Smith, Blog Editor


Kama Vardi (28) is a singer and songwriter. Born in Jerusalem in 1989; She spent her childhood in Kfar Vitkin, Chesholm in Scotland, Herzliya, Tel Aviv and Mitzpe Matat in the Galilee. When she was fourteen and a half, she left her mother's home in the Galilee; She lived in the country for three years, lived on the banks of the Banias river in the north, worked and lived on a boat in Eilat and lived in an abandoned train car in the Hula Valley. She wrote and composed songs (later published with her first ensemble la la cravat).

When she was 17, she flew to England with another girlfriend (the singer Ella Daniel of Betty Bears) and there, together with another young English singer she met (Sasha Boysen), established the circus "La La Cravat", Which operated mainly as a street band within the borders of Britain, and later in France and Barcelona, recorded one home album and broke up.

When she returned to Israel at the age of 19, accompanied by her partner, David Mckeary, they joined several Tel Aviv musicians and established the electric ensemble "The JackBand Blue", which recorded two independent albums. In 2012, she released her first solo album "ForgetMeNot" (which was released on CD-on-Key in an ornate matchbox), followed by another album called "Satchel" and today she performs with a folk ensemble throughout Israel and works on her third album. She plays her songs on ukulele, guitar, and banjo.

Kama Vardi's song "Whatever Will Be" recently placed first in the Push Power Hits unsigned song contest and is currently well received by their network.

Below are a sampling of music videos of Kama Vardi (You can like and share his videos by clicking or tapping the youtube logo on the video, which will take you to the video on youtube):


Daylight Love (Live on BalconyTV):

Cross Over:

If you are interested in hearing more from Kama Vardi, you can check out her new single, "Whatever Will Be," on Soundcloud here.

You can also follow her on facebook here.