• Nikola Gocic

A Hellenistic Travesty

A Hellenistic Tragedy

A Hellenistic Travesty: A neo-Dadaist phantasy which acts as a meeting point of hyper-dreams, Greek mythology, Brutalist edifices, homoerotic provocations and fairy tale leftovers. It is 19 degrees of freedom, 71 squares of subconscious and 10 beats per (un)holy moonlight.

Hellenistic Tragedy 1

Hellenistic Tragedy 2

Hellenistic Tragedy 3

Hellenistic Tragedy 4

Nikola Gocic

Nikola Gocic is an architect by profession and an underground comic artist, film reviewer, writer and poet by passion who lives in a Serbian city which the Ancient Romans called Naissus. His (esoteric) works are inspired by dreams, mythology, mysticism, dadaism, surrealism, fairy tales, alternative cinema, Japanese animation, 80's Saturday-morning cartoons and even fighting games.