• Harriette Chan

The Fun and Heartwarming Charm of Queer Eye

Photo Source: Junkee

Netflix’s new show Queer Eye is wonderful in many ways. It is a reboot of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy; a reality television makeover show that ran on Bravo from 2003 to 2007. The premise of the 2018 reboot is simple, five gay guys take a subject (usually a straight man) with a sloppy lifestyle and improve his life in a week.

These five men are known as the Fab 5, and each has their own specialty. Antoni Porowski is the Food and Wine guy. His main function is to teach the subject simple meals that they can cook for themselves. Tan France specializes in Fashion, and the clothing transformations on the show are truly spectacular; this man can work wonders with some straight leg jeans and patterned button ups. Karamo Brown is the Culture guy. His job is to really get to know the subject and their problems and try to work out how they can better themselves. You could say he’s the on-show therapist. Bobby Berk is the Interior Designer. In a matter of days Bobby can turn a run down pigsty into a beautiful home. Jonathan Van Ness is the Grooming Guru. Besides teaching the subject about self care he is also the most charismatic and bubbly personality on the show. Though each member of the Fab 5 is lovely and entertaining in their own right.

Don’t let the reality tv show format fool you, there is nothing shallow or vapid about Queer Eye. The goal of the show is to break down toxic masculinity and the pain and loneliness the comes with it. The most important thing about this show is that it starts a conversation. The five guys connect with their subject and by the end of the week they seem to form real connections, which is not an easy feat considering the first two seasons of the show take place in the heart of Georgia. For example, in season one the Fab 5 are tasked with making over a white cop. Karamo shares his experience as a black man with him and there is an honest discussion about the relationship between black people and cops. Besides racism the show has also had discussions about homophobia, religion, and coming out.

The subject of the show is not always a straight guy. In the first season they make over a gay man who is struggling to come out to his stepmother. In the second season they makeover a woman and a trans man who recently had top surgery.

Personally I love this show and have been recommending it to my friends and family ever since the second season came out in June. It really is more than just a makeover show. It’s more heartfelt than that. There is a storyline, we get to watch the subject and really get to know them and sympathize with them, and in the end we get to see them come out as a better person. The Fab 5 is another major selling point to the show. They mesh well as a group and all have very endearing personalities and backstories. I have been hooked since the first episode and I am already eagerly awaiting more.

You can stream both seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix. You can find it here.