• Salmon Soul

The Path of the Sun

Transformative Journey

The animations represent the gameplay of ''The Path of the Sun'', an imaginary video-game about a transformative journey through oneself, to the higher levels of being. It's based on alchemical teachings about Transmutation, i.e. the 7 alchemical processes of purification/perfection of (base) metals until reaching the most perfect, ultimate matter: the Philosopher's Stone.

The game's supposed to have a psychedelic-like effect on the player and hopefully inspire him/her to start his/her own transformative journey.

Part 1: Calcination

Part 2: Dissolution

Part 3: Coagulation

Salmon Soul was born in 1985 in Serbia. A digital artist, musician, writer/translator and storyteller. She enjoys taking pieces of one reality and folding/building them into other realities and draws a great amount of inspiration from science fiction, surrealism, mysticism, occultism and music. She loves coming up with stories about the possible and impossible worlds and realities and strives to join graphics, music/sound and words into one, whenever possible.

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