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Review: Netflix’s New Documentary Series Losers

Netflix Losers

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Netflix has just released a documentary series called Losers. Losers is about great athletes who lost and sometimes lost catastrophically. For sports enthusiasts, this show is a no-brainer (you’ll love it); however, the shocking thing is that for people who are not interested in sports at all, Losers manages to be absolutely gripping. To be honest, I have not seen a docu-series or even documentary film that was this good in a long time. I watched all eight episodes in a row with absolutely no sense of time or boredom.

The creator of Losers is filmmaker and artist Mickey Duzyj. He worked for years as an illustrator—focusing primarily on sports and working for sports magazines and ESPN—and had made two previous sports documentaries. One was on a champion putt-putt golfer, and one was about a racehorse in Japan that had lost the most races. The Netflix series Losers is a culmination of his work. Each episode in Losers centers around either an individual or team that well, had lost or even could be considered in their sport a multi-loser. Mickey Duzyj weaves throughout each episode, to great effect, his animation. The animation gives unbelievable depth to the narrative that new and old film footage alone could not match. It is undeniable that Duzyj is a gifted illustrator and artist. The animations are sometimes funny and sometimes incredibly moving, and I think that sums up the series.

If you love sports, it is easy to see the intensity and education the enormous challenge playing a sport delivers. If you do not relate to sports, this series will open your eyes to the psychology of sports and how sports can deliver incredible life lessons. You will be moved and inspired by these athletes in Losers. Another great aspect to Losers is the wide variety of sports that Mickey Duzyj chose to cover. I now know curling can be incredibly gripping and just how deadly the Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska is for the racers and the dogs.

This is probably my shortest review because I am running out of ways to say just how amazing this documentary series is. Everything from the athletes, the sports chosen, the animation, and even the music is amazing with a very hip edge. Losers is inspirational, hilarious, moving, and very cool. If you do not have Netflix, go over to a friend’s house who does and take over their television. They will thank you.

Jennifer Barnick

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