• Todd Sullivan

Selected Poetry by Todd Sullivan

Photo Source: Pixabay

A Letter to My Pupil

I grew obsessed, at an early age

With how to express

thought on the page

At first I listened, in near silence

And next I read, simple books of words

This lifelong quest, driven to follow

Ahead I peered, gleaning how to win

For long I pondered, how best to win

And grew older,

reaching high school age

I scanned the way,

found clues to follow

To make my dreams

realized on the page

In sleep, I envisioned lives of words

Speaking my wish within the silence

Best craft of words, studied in silence

Learning the few known ways

I could win

For keepers keep gates, limiting words

And on time’s slide one is quick to age

So my sole love became a blank page

New mating rituals soon follow

I devised a fresh scheme to follow

And kept the wild details in silence

Daily I wrote, filling empty page

For passage forward I had to win

Secrets known at 18 years of age

Life locked now in orbit around words

A 10 year trek in pursuit of words

And in chase,

new routes forced to follow

At a fork, 28 years of age

I was well acquainted with silence

For the high mountain I climbed to win

Could only be written on the page

In my 30s, fill page after page

Lifelong companion learned into words

Closer I neared the end and grand win

Steadfastly the trail I still follow

Progress in time could not be silence

Days turn relative as the years age

Now I teach you words

in your still young age

In silence,

choose your path what to follow

Netting words takes a lifetime to win

Leading the Charge

And there stands the house, and treasure within

And there stands the gate, together with guards

Who threaten with hate, arms covered with scars

They tell you to beg, performing to win

They’ll take all you are, adorning a grin

And taunt you for hours, and hit you with bars

For they are gatekeepers, who come from afar

And here you await, the treasure therein

I don’t wish to crater, neither to bend

New wealth I must find, though years I will use

For where must I go,

what time must I spend

Seeking new treasures,

while using my youth

Soon to be keeper, begin a new trend

For who holds the key, within there’s the truth

Black Bear of Taipei

Up in the mountains,

he had a desire to inspire

Wandered into Taipei,

new suit and declawed

Young kids he would teach, hoped his skills would be admired

First job that he worked, in six months he retired

Office politics of slithering snakes, had him dancing on his paws

Up in the mountains,

he had a desire to inspire

New job— in two months, the contract was set to expire

Long days full of play, fun times with students he recalled

Shorts and t-shirts his attire, skills very much admired

Following songs across the street, a new school, he inquired

Grouchy boss with four hands, all he saw were the flaws

Up in the mountains, he had a desire to inspire

On the verge of giving up, he stepped into a quick hire

To a queen who only schemed to turn him into a thrall

Young kids he wanted to teach but the city was a quagmire

Had enough of New Taipei

and all that transpired

With a roar, sharp claws bright, he decided to withdraw

From the city without his suit and he felt so much lighter

Safe in the mountains once again, a lost desire to inspire

Todd Sullivan lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he teaches English as a Second Language. He hosts a YouTube Channel that interviews writers across the publishing spectrum.

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