• J. Blake Gordon

Selected Poems by J. Blake Gordon


how could this have happened

i hear a crash, it's larry, his travel mug

landed upright

in the middle of a puddle

of coffee, at his feet, where he stands

(having fallen?)

fellow workers have gathered around,

all still, and larry is still

i stop, having stepped out into the hall

from the room with the refrigerators

and microwave ovens

at the instant after

larry looks at me, surprised

i too am surprised

take it away

dwindling, dawdling, demonstrating, demonstrative

whispering, prohibitive, inhibited, distressed

pretended, extended, distracted, distended

it's a good life, if you think of it

you have to accept people for who they are

figure out what it is that's bothering you

be alone, be together, or be whatever

stop assigning meaning to everything

when they say something comes from the heart

it really means the brain

how to stay alive

pay attention, your full attention

wear comfortable shoes, light jackets, have patience

see doctors, stay active, curious, learning, earning

enjoy food, books, music, friends, family, animals

nature, water, shelter, language, time, partnership

gratitude, hygiene, humility, community, humanity

sleep, smile, and die (without really dying)

J. Blake Gordon

J. Blake Gordon lives in Chicago, works as a product copywriter. His poetry collection love calls out to love is forthcoming.